(kith) noun
Ones Relation
Another term for Family, relation, community or next of kin

A place where we are dedicated to improving your selfie’s and
have zero judgement for your past hair care

Kith & Co. is a beautiful and relaxing salon based in New Market. 
We are a team of professionals who love hair and want to make you feel good.

It was all a dream…
Back in 2019 at a market selling our clothes, we had a deep and meaningful
and talked about our goals, one of them was to open a Salon. A year
later we made it happen.

Co-owner & Senior Stylist
Ashlee is effortless, her style, her personality, everything she does is with ease and a tone of GRACE! She is the face of Kith & Co. and has a strong and loyal clientele because of who she is and how she makes people feel. 
Ashlee is a true Gem.
With over 11 years’ experience working on the floor as a hair stylist, Ashlee has built a strong reputation for being the Queen of colour.  Her works speaks for itself.  Balayage Goals!
Being a mum of 4 young kids, Ashlee understands the pressure of life and believes everyone deserves to feel and look good without feeling like you need to be in salon every 6-8 weeks, she has a huge understanding of the importance of “low maintenance” and specialises in lived in colours

Co-Owner & Salon Manager
Maree is the older & naturally bossy sister.  She’s that sister who has big dreams, takes the risks others normally wouldn’t even consider and will ALWAYS have your back!
With her background in Sport & Event Management, Maree focuses on keeping the Salon (and Ashlee) in order with our accounts, admin and general duties. 
Also a mum of 2 young kids, she values the importance of “self-care” and “time out” from everyday life. 
Maree has thought a lot about the aesthetics of the salon and creating a calming retreat for our clients